Altman & Cook, LLC

Building legally-secure families through Adoption and Reproductive Technology

  • Step-Parent & Co-Parent Adoptions
  • Pre-Birth and Post-Birth Orders
  • Egg Donor Contracts
  • Sperm Donor Contracts
  • Embryo Donor Contracts
  • Gestational Carrier Agreements

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Who We Are

Altman & Cook, LLC was established with the goal of helping individuals and couples build and expand their families through adoption or collaborative reproduction arrangements. Having worked together for many years at the Crockin Law and Policy Group, LLC, we decided to form Altman & Cook, LLC in April 2012, when the Crockin Law and Policy Group relocated to Washington DC. With more than two decades of experience and success in all aspects of parental establishment, we bring knowledge and compassion to a law practice devoted exclusively to helping our clients build their families through adoption or reproductive technologies. Whether you are contemplating a third party reproductive arrangement, a domestic or international agency adoption, or the co-parent adoption of a spouse or partner's child, we offer a complete range of family building legal services. We strive to stay up to date on these dynamic and often overlapping practice areas. Our legal expertise and knowledge of the latest reproductive legislation and case law allows us to provide the most current advice and novel approaches to support our clients’ family rights under existing laws.

We service a diverse clientele, including both traditional and non-traditional families, institutions, agencies, and medical programs, on all elements of family formation. We help our clients explore the many options by which they can bring children into their lives and empower them to make informed decisions about their family planning goals – which will enable them to decide what method of family building is most appropriate for them. We offer thorough and supportive legal counsel; experienced risk assessment; guidance on the various steps and procedures; drafting, reviewing and negotiating the legal contracts; drafting the necessary court documents and performing all work as required for the establishment of parental rights. As needed, we also provide our clients with access to our network of medical, legal, and mental health professionals who are experts in the field of reproductive technology and adoption. It is our goal to provide the strongest legal protections for you, your children and your family.

We would be glad to arrange a legal consultation to determine how best to assist you with your family building efforts.

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